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Category: Residence
Project: Hiromi Surfrider

In 2019, Focus Design Studio worked on a remodeling project for a popular Japanese TV show called "Ariyoshi Seminar" featuring a DIY Celebrity, Hiromi. Focus Design Studio designed the celebrity's second home in Hawaii, obtained the necessary permits, and managed the construction. As the entire crew was located in Japan, during the initial design phase, Focus Design Studio held multiple online meetings with them to work out concrete details for the remodeling ideas. The show closely followed the entire design and construction process and aired in 3 episodes, including an extended 2-hour special. The expected air date was already decided at the beginning stage of the planning which required speedy and careful production that also allowed ample time for permit application and to complete the construction to be taped in time. The shoot went well and the film's unveiling party was held as scheduled.

*Those who are unfamiliar with the TV show but would like to view the segments, please contact us to access the video file.

Category: Residence
Project: Condo in Ala Moana Ⅰ

A famous Japanese singer's vacation home: designed, obtained permits, and observed construction. Accommodated special requests such as creating a soundproof room and installing a mist sauna in the condo. The owner was very pleased with the renovation.

Completion: 2019
Total Living Area: 1,100 sqft

Category: Residence
Project: Condo in Ala Moana Ⅱ

A Japanese celebrity couple's second home: designed, obtained permits, and observed construction. Due to the couple's extremely tight schedules, Focus Design Studio was only able to meet them twice in person. Through multiple video meetings, we were able to have detailed discussions and thoroughly plan important details. The couple was very satisfied with the results.

Completion: 2020

Total Living Area: 1,100 sqft

Category: Residence
Project: S Residence

A new single-family home with an attached rental unit. A high ceiling and a U-shaped courtyard made it possible for every single room to have multiple large windows which improved spaciousness and gave a breezy feeling throughout the house. Also by effectively utilizing the slope of the land, we created a mezzanine level floor which acted as the home's main living area that gave a nice spatial connection between the rooms and an integral feeling for the whole house. As a result, we were able to keep the grading cost down as well.

Completion: 2021

Total Living Area: 2,015 sqft

Category: Residence
Project: Others

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