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Category: Healthcare
Project: Hospice at Manoa

We converted a single-family residence into a hospice. It was an older rundown house, but Focus Design Studio was able to perform minimal repairs and keep the renovation cost down. The bathrooms were renovated so that the caregivers can comfortably bathe the residents who are bedridden or unable to walk. We also installed a spacious slope leading up to the entrance from the street.

Completion: 2017

Total Living Area: 2,097 sqft

Category: Healthcare
Project: St Luke's Clinic in Waikiki 

We have designed the well-known Japanese-owned clinic, St. Luke's Clinic in Waikiki, Hawaii. It was converted from retail space into a clinic. The space was limited compared to the main clinic in Ala Moana. We came up with the layout fully utilizing the space that was given.

Completion: 2022

Total Area: 1,184 sqft

2250 Kalakaua Ave Space 208 (Waikiki Shopping Plaza) Honolulu, HI 96815

Category: Healthcare
Project: Others

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