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Category: Research/Unbuilt
Project: Holical Flux Winery

Takao Ugai made a design proposal for a winery in Napa Valley, California. He applied a gravity-flow system to its design so that the grapes can move through the production line by utilizing their own weight. Not having to install a pump for transportation could improve efficiency and also create space for innovative and creative design. The proposed winery was not built in the end, however, the unique design and his contribution earned high acclaim.

In 2017, he was invited to make a presentation of the design at the UIA's international conference held in South Korea.

Category: Research/Unbuilt
Project: Cultivating Urbanism

Research project submitted and published by Takao Ugai at the University of Hawaii at Manoa during his doctoral program. Studies were done for a new city planning utilizing advanced urban agriculture. By integrating agriculture and architecture, Takao has proposed the positive effects on city-wide sustainability, community bonding, and people's general lifestyle.

Category: Research/Unbuilt
Project: Gridded Utopia

Takao Ugai put a spotlight on the ongoing flooding problem in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and proposed urban planning that can provide a plausible solution for it. Flooding can be looked at as a water supply that is necessary for successful farming. He proposed a design that takes advantage of the abundant water that the flooding brings and also provides comfortable and sustainable ways of living for the people.

Category: Research/Unbuilt
Project: Wind Coast

We conducted wind force analysis and came up with design ideas that utilized the advantages of Hawaii’s wonderful climate. The end result was a mixed-use, open-air structure that considered wind-capacity. The spaces with active heat generation would be placed where the wind blew the most, and other spaces that created very little heat could be reserved for office use that housed many flammable materials such as paper and cardboard boxes. Our main focus was to be considerate of sustainability and offer comfortable living or work spaces that did not need constant air conditioning. This was a design idea that I submitted as my final project  during my undergraduate studies at Meiji University, Department of Science and Technology, School of Architecture.

Category: Research/Unbuilt
Project: Museum in China

Takao Ugai proposed a design for crab museum and a crab cultivating farm in a suburb in China. He placed pedestrian bridges that allow people to see the farm from many different angles. The bridges are also connected to the inside of the building and extend out to the farm area which gives the sense of continuity. There are many curved surfaces used which makes the building look very unique, but at the same time, the simple structure kept the construction cost down.

Category: Research/Unbuilt
Project: Others

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