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Steps from start to completion


1. Client Consultation / Design Ideas and Options (free)

We want to understand your needs, budget, usage, design ideas, desired completion date in detail so that we can help you better.

During the consultation, we encourage you to openly discuss openly from finance, building codes, legal procedures, design constrain, special needs for seniors/handicapped, and sustainability.

1. Consultation

2. Design Contract

We will explain the details of the conduct including the flow of work, notable points, and milestones.
2. Design contract

3. Research, Survey, Legal Requirements

We look into legal requirements and limitations regarding your desired construction and design ideas as well as any traces of unpermitted work that has been done in the past. We then take measurements and create accurate as-built drawings of the existing structure, establish construction goals, and set design parameters and planning guidelines.

3. Research

We carefully strategize a construction plan based on the research and survey conducted, define parameters and determine the basic design. At this stage, we roughly decide the basics like the exterior design, layout, user flow, and sizes.

4. Schematic Design

5. Design Development

We discuss sizes and measurements more closely and work out concrete details. During the design development phase, kitchen, bathroom, closet and cabinet designs are decided.

4. Schematic Design

6. Construction Documents

We create drawings that can be used for the building permit, calculating cost estimates and actual construction. We prepare structural, electrical, and mechanical drawings as well as all the necessary documents to obtain building permits. At this stage, floor and wall materials are selected.
6. Construction Documents

7. Building Permits, Contractors, Cost Estimates

Now that the construction documents are finalized, we apply for the building permits. If we apply directly with the City and County of Honolulu, it will take a long time for approval. However, we can utilize Third Party Reviewers to expedite the application process.

Focus Design Studio will take care of all necessary procedures and paperwork on your behalf, and while we are waiting for the permits to be approved, we will assist you with selecting a dependable contractor and getting construction estimates.

7. Application

8. Contractor Selection / Signing Contracts

Upon selecting a contractor, we will help you with reviewing the contract and offer any advice that may be beneficial to you.


9. Construction Observation

Focus Design Studio observes the construction work through completion. For clients who live out of town, we can send updates along with photos periodically. We will also help you understand and determine the appropriate amount and timing of any required payments at the beginning, during, and at the completion of the project as necessary.

8. Contractor selection
9. Construction

10. Completion and delivery

We conduct a thorough walkthrough to look for any discrepancy or anything that is wrong or missing compared with the original drawing and request for any additional work or correction as necessary. Once everything is completed to the client's satisfaction, the building is officially handed over to the client. We hope to hear from our clients later about how they enjoy living/utilizing the space we have designed and built so that we can learn and keep improving our services.

10. Completion
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